Every time I start up Rust on Steam it shows the grey screen with the face on it and then crashes PLS HELP! I have tried everything (re-installing the game etc)

There is 3 threads about this already…

Same problem, i try that 3 options, it still dont work

what are your PC specs?
the game just doesnt work with some hardware due to bad coding.
for example i have a GTX 295 GPU that doesnt work with Rust,
while i switched to my iGP and now the game works, even though i have 20 FPS :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways try the following:
Run the game with administrative rights
Run it under win XP SP3 computability mode
Run it in windowed mode\full screen
turn on VSync
reduce the graphics level

also make sure your drivers are up to date,
for some BIOS update helped too

Hey, i played rust on my computer
But there is something, i was banned on one server and then i download this
I click UNBAN and then i start rust, it didnt work (grey screen then close)

Lol have fun getting VAC banned :downs:

I didnt get VAC ban, just on one server
Btw, i have cracked version- rust

(User was permabanned for this post ("pirated rust. great idea telling us this." - postal))

Well, you won’t get any troubleshooting support from anybody now that you’ve admitted to using the cracked version of rust AND an unban tool. I’m pretty sure that shit is just as taboo here as increasing your gamma is.