Rust keeps crashing while trying to join a server

I try to join a server, but every time I do rust crashes and gives me this error

“The game crashed.
The crash report folder named “2015-04-05_143348” next ot game executable.
It would be great if you’d send it to the developer of the game!”

I’ve tried configuring graphics settings, but it still crashes, even on Fastest setting.

My PC specs are as followed:

AMD Phenom™ II X4 965 Processor 3.40 GHz
32-bit OS

Can you provide the contents of the logfiles in Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\2015-04-05_143348? Open them up, copy the contents to pastebin, and link here, instead of pasting directly into this thread, thanks.

should i paste the output_log or the error.txt?


Does your machine only have 1GB of RAM? Because if so, that’ll explain this:

i checked the system and it says it has 3.25 usable GB of RAM

Can you connect to servers in the legacy version of Rust? The current version (not legacy) has some performance problems, and having only 4GB of RAM can sometimes cause problems at the moment.

yes i can connect to legacy

Update your graphics drivers. You’re running 341.44 from February.

FYI, I’m not a dev, and I’m not an expert in deciphering the logs, so I’m going to leave that for any Rust devs that see the thread and can help.

Hello i have the same problem but i read what was down in the post but idk what legacy means.I can upload my crash report dor u guys if u can help me i appreciate it very much.Link for my Crash reports are here firts one is the error and the second is output_log!

legacy is the old version of rust; you would need to have opted into it through the beta’s tab in properties for this to be relevent. also, the logs have been removed.

I have a friend with a low end computer. He also have 4gb ram but 32bit OS. We tried to solve the issue for months… We tried every solution on the internet! So, after some time I told him to upgrade to win 64 to get full usage of his 4gb ram. This solved his issue. My friend got stuck on loading textures, and if he was lucky enough to find a server he was able to join, he crashed within minutes after he spawned (most of the time before he could wake up).

I have no idea whats’ up with the 4gb requirements issue is, but going from 3.25gb(or whatever 32bit use) to 4 gb ram )+win64bit) solved his issue. He still have crashes every now and then, but it’s playable at the moment.

the thing is, new rust really needs a good 8gb of ram to work at the moment, depending on your rig.

I’m running Rust on fastest with 4 GB RAM. It’s sluggish at times but it works.

Memory fragmentation could be an issue. Try restarting and playing Rust again.

I know. But the huge differents in the playability are insane when it jumps from 3.25gb to 4gb. The FPS wasn’t the issue. When my friend found a server that he could join, he had like 40-50 fps and was smooth as hell, but it was the crashes that was killing our brains. After he upgraded to 64bit he still has the same FPS, but the crashing is rare after the 64bit upgrade.

So i failed so many times trying to figure out what caused the crashes in the first place, even tho the FPS is the same in 32/64bit.

Probably poor game optimisation, who knows. I don’t care anymore since we solved the issue already. All i can tell others that are experiencing this issue is; we tried everything and we “solved” it by doing an upgrade :slight_smile:

It’s just sad that so many people are experiencing this issue.