Rust Key for a youtuber

Hi all staff of Rustplay, i heard you give keys to youtubers,

So, i’m MrBboy 45, a french youtuber who have around 390k subscribers. (

I really would like the key for makes some youtubes videos and introduce rust in the french community.

Best regards, Bboy

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky, don't make key begging threads" - postal))


I believe anyone would or could do this. I’d love to record game play of Rust and make videos to advertise it’s awesomeness, which is the sad part. I’d be so willing to contribute to the game but might not get the chance, because keys are hard to get. Which i also find it hard at times to comment on forums because I feel I’d get a much better view, understanding and opinions of the game/topic if I were actually able to experience it.

I think Crapt had some keys, but he ran out

You don’t need to make videos for it. You can wait until it gets out of closed alpha to get a key.

yes but to get exclusives videos (in french) it could be great

no, piss off.

But when would that be ): I’m not seriously asking, it was rhetorical, but it was more about how some people would like to pitch in and help where it would be needed.