Rust Key Giveaway!

Rust Key Giveaway

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I will be giving away keys every once in a while via PM, so make sure it’s enabled!
If you do not yet have a key (or would like to gift one to a friend), post here to convince me why you should get it.

Please be considerate of others when posting.

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I’d like it. Isn’t that enough of a reason?

Why yes, it is.

But I’m sure many others would like it as well. :wink:

I recently lost my pet hamster, He was taken away from me by none other than henry the hoover, I use to do everything with my hamster and I feel like I have no reason to live without him, But I feel a rust key will give me the power I need to see out the rest of my life.

Thank you x

That’s true but I asked first! First in first out!

At any rate it’s very nice of you to be doing this.

My brother just broke his leg, so if you give it to me, I’ll pass it on to him. I’m sure he would be very happy to get a key, since he spends a lot of time at home right now.

Good luck to everyone else though :slight_smile:

Minny i jst pmed u, please check

I dont want a key, but nice seeing someone doing something for this community :slight_smile:

I hope your brother is fine soon.And hello Minny I think I should get the Key because I’m living in a small village nahh you can’t call it this way it’s more land then houses we got lots of farmers here…there’s nothing to do here.The only things you can do here is scooter tuning,fishing and the things old people do.
And thats why I should the Key.If you gift me the Key I can give it too my brother and we can play together :smiley: (And fun reasons: Hey your NSA controlled our phones and the phone from Angela Merkel our ‘‘Swag leader’’ [fk I hate her] thats why I should get the key.As a present like '‘Lady Liberty’ was given from the french to you)


For those of you who are curious when I’ll be giving out the key: I’ll make a decision by this evening, PST.

Feel free to send me a PM if you feel uncomfortable posting here (but preferably not).

Good luck to everyone!

Doubt I’ll get it, I never win things like this, but it never hurts to put your name on the list.

I would like this key for an extra one to give away to the people i play minecraft with. I’ve been playing on their server for over a year and a half and would like to give them something really cool for all of the insane stuff they have done for the server. I think it would be a cool experience to give this key away to people that deserve it, thank you.


I would love a key, been drooling at the buy-button for ages but my girlfriend doesn’t want to buy me a key because i’m a lazy ass mo-fo who doesn’t has a job (i do try my best to get one) :quagmire:

I don’t have Rust, I really want it cause I just can’t afford a game right now. Helping my parents pay the bills with my job and getting left with no money.

Not begging or anything just really want a key :l

hi i would like a key cause my father wont buy it for me :frowning: i know i am under age but i really would like to kill some ballzacks SxG … :frowning:

i’ve been playing gmod for ages, i love garry, i love his games. Alltough i had some issues with bugs on gmod, i was too young to make bug reports and i felt not good to do any bug reports, BUT, the last half year im changed into a more grown up guy, and all i do i helping developers by making bug reports. I’d love to continue and make a ton of them for rust too.

I am really surprised that guys like you still excist. God may be with you.

take care!

If I would happen to win a key, I would give it to my best mate, as he can’t buy it and I can’t afford to gift it to him. Not much more to say, it is always more fun to play with your friends, right?

I am very pleased that this community, has such kind people as you, very impressed. I tip my imaginary hat to you, kind sir

Rust is cool. Would love a key.

my dog ate my key i wantz new one!

I’m from Brazil, and my main language in Portuguese, even though I can speak English quite well. I think I should win the key because I really like the game, I mean, I have Minecraft and DayZ, what could go wrong with a game that is inspired by both amazing games.
The reason I can’t actually buy a key in the website is that here in Brazil our currency is Reais (R$), and a single dollar is like R$2,50 which is a sh*t ton of money, and also because my parents don’t seem to understand why they should put their credit card information on a website. Maybe they think PayPal will steal all our money… So, having a key would be amazing, and I’d be very thankful!