Rust Key Help

Hello there,

i’ve got a rust key from one of my friends. But it isn’t registered.
I haven’t found a way to register the key yet.
So could anyone help me?

I’ve tried the old rust website and i’ve found nothing.
All you can do is log in.

I’ve tried using the code on steam but it didn’t work.

I’m unsure if my friend has typed the wrong key or if he’s just playing with me.
He is a rust member and bought two keys in the auction. We usually play together in games.
So I don’t think he would’ve tricked me.

, Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Have you tried looking in this thread, which is the middle one of the three highlighted in yellow at the top of the page?

Odds are your friend gave you an invalid/used key. The old site actually is useful as if you have an account from early alpha/proof of concept/phase before Steam, you log in with it to claim your Steam Key. I am guessing you don’t have such an account as you apparently were just given a key.

I’ve already read it, it hasn’t helped me finding the solution.

I do not have an account, as i wrote above, i didn’t find a way to register. And i’ve tried using it on steam but it doesn’t work. I’m going to ask my friend once again tomorrow, if someone doesn’t come up with a good solution of course.

But hey, thank you for your help. I appreciate it!