Rust Key Questions

hi, does anyone know the average price that the rust keys sell for because i live in Australia and the keys will only be cheap at $50 dollar range at 2-5 in the morning so i can not buy one as im usually a sleep
and i’m looking to stay up one night or wake up early but i would like to know whats the average price they sell for cause i dont want to stay up all night and then they all sell at $50 bucks which i cannot afford.

Also I am a youtuber and looking to record some lets plays of rust or gameplay etc do you think i will be able to record it on my computer and get decent fps?

I5 4670k 3.7ghz
8gb Kingston ram
gigabyte gtx 760 oc 1200mhz
250gb SSD
gigabyte 787m-d3hp

ps. my youtube is
and any ideas of when rust will come on steam?
cause i have 7D2D and its great and also dead linger

thank you

!Advertising¡ and what is the point of this thread, an introduction? cause if your asking a question ask in teh sticky

Get an alarm clock if you care so much

Also why are you posting your youtube channel and the fact that you have 7D2D and dead linger? Thats a little out of the blue.

can you not read the first line?

can someone close this thread i think his problem has been solved by him looking around the forums more… thank you.