Rust Key System

I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this in other threads, but I did a bit of looking around to make sure. If someone did make a thread about this, I thoroughly apologize for my overlooking of it.

NOTE: This thread is obsolete. Devs have already planned adding this. Please let this thread die. Do not respond to it. Thank you.

So, this is what I had in mind.

Key for Doors: A craftable item. Person A can give a key to Player B, who can then access any door made by Player A. (We could add more restrictions perhaps and make on certain doors by Player A accessible.)
These keys have to be present in the players inventory in order to access the door. If the player is killed, the key will appear in the loot bag for the killer to claim. This will make raids much more interesting
in my opinion, because bandits could take different approaches at a base.
Keys and Chests: This would be an essential in my opinion against looting. Locks will be placed on chests, but can be destroyed with maybe 1-2 C4. These locks will have a key dedicated to them with the same concept as door keys. I like this because again, because it would make a bandit have several choices.

The same idea can apply to others things like wooden gates and etc.

Finally, I did find one thread that did have some similarities on this subject. Their primary idea seemed to be focused on a keypad idea and command system for doors and stuff. Link:

So, what do you guys think? Bad idea or a good idea? Please leave your thoughts and maybe we can go more in depth if you like it! I would really like to stop having to make several doorways for different people that live in my base!

Idea has already been taken up by devs. Please let this thread die! Thank you.

Well they’ve already been suggested 1000s of times and the devs said they will try a combo lock system.

Kind of interesting idea but for right now i’d say I am in between though I don’t like the chest idea. I think if someone manages to reach your chest they should be able to take the stuff without having to blow it up. Would be kind of hard once you get a key to work out what house and door it’s for + they would all look the same so if you had more than one you would get confused I think.

Again, I did some keyword searching and there is a possibility that I overlooked something. Also, do you have a post about the devs wanting to do a combo lock system?

I think it’s in a interview as well as other threads about keys. Search it up.

It’s on the trello (for doors) ^ Trello

I haven’t been on Trello that much. It’s my fault for failing to recall of it and check it. I’m sorry for all of this and this thread should be locked now since it’s obsolete. I am sorry for posting this with ignorance of such information.

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No kidding. Anyone here, please don’t respond to this thread. Just DON’T respond to it. Let it die.
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