Rust Key

Good day,

my friend and I start on the 12.7.2013 to steaming and wanted to ask whether it is possible to get two Rust Key.

We would appreciate a reply.

With kind regards, Timo and Pascal

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It’s not hard to read the stickies, even harder to let them go unnoticed.
What’s wrong with people who don’t even bother read the rules before making a thread?

oops someone beat me to it ahaha

I bet you only got under a 1000 subscribers…

He wrote that he’s starting the 12th this month. I.e. he haven’t even started yet.

I’m guessing this is him…

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enjoy your ban

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you too, mr. Predicting Moderation

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why is reading so hard for some people?

There… now he has +1 :smiley:

I saw there was a make-a-picture-for-a-key-contest so I decided 2 make a video 'cus afterall videos r just thousands of pictures lol well anyway hope u enjoy 'cos I put a lot of work into it

I hope u were prepeared… 2 be spooped