Rust Keybindings Compilation

Hello everyone, I figured I should make a topic for posting discovered keybindings in Rust, since there’s no real guide in-game or online that I’ve seen listing them.

For starters, I sadly only have one to contribute: PageUp, which mutes the in-game music but not the sound effects. I still have yet to find out what turns it back on, sorry. Either way, not having to listen to “ambient loop” or “radio chatter” for the 500th time should be nice.

numpad / (decreases graphics)
numpad * (increases graphics)
i (inventory)
tab (inventory)

cant turn off the console for some reason

big red obnoxious text

Page Up toggles the music, so to turn it back on, it’s also Page Up

CRTL/C: Crouch
F: Flashlight for guns with flashlight mod installed
V: Laser sight for guns with laser mod installed
and obviously
R: Reload
Left Click: Hatchet/Fire/Light Flare
Right Click: Aim on guns/Throw Flare
E: Use

doesn’t work

Certainly does for me, are you able to turn it off, or does it just not do anything?

turns off, not on