Rust Keys For Sale!

Rust Keys For Sale!
I’m not selling any rust keys but I want to warn you guys that there a lot of people right now scamming money or getting viruses on your computer when you download a file which is apparently rust key generator. Don’t trust people who are actually selling keys because 90% people are selling fake keys and you will just lose money. There are indeed a few people who have legit keys and one livestreamer said one spoiled little girl bought a rust key for 300 USD. Just don’t go too crazy with paying those amounts, the game is probably coming out in about 2-4 weeks. Just recommending not to buy keys from who you can’t trust.

Can’t wait myself as well to get this key because I do minecraft raiding and you can raid on rust,

This is just a post to warn you guys, because I don’t want some shit scammers getting your money or viruses on your PC.

Thanks for the warning,and im sorry to say this so directly but if your stupid enough to actually download one of those “keygens” maybe that person shouldn’t be connected to the internet

You know you could’ve just read the stickies instead…

No offense but it seems like you just made an account to promote your channel. Then sprinkled tips about how not to be scammed so its like your a great contributed and we should give you a rust key. Also there is a sticky for this.

I don’t need to promote my channel Pridezero because I have already plenty of subs and I get +40 subs per day.

Reported as spam.