Rust keys Sale

I am liking the new idea of this dutch trade system, but what sucks is that the prices start to go low (about 30-40$) when I would be away from buying them. Its a bit unfair on how other countries get disadvantages of buying this game. I would wait at like 12 AM but not when im not home :suicide:

How can we make it fair?

Can you maybe confirm if dupers are getting banned or not? It’s causing a lot of drama.

Why would that make the timezone issue with the auction fair?

Idk but its just a rant and it sucks because i cannot participate in your game unless I can buy a key for like $100

Have two auctions with 50 keys each on opposite timezones?

idk maybe you can do the same time as yours except globally. Im not sure how that will work, just an idea for people who want to buy keys, but have no optional time.

It’s a pain in the ass for Australians and such to grab a key since when it hits around $50 it has to be 4am.

Very VERY few people I know are that commited to buying something like that if they have to get up at that ungodly hour.

woke up at 3 am today and 0 keys left.

Make the auction end after 23 hours, so the reset time drifts an hour every day?

Maybe detect the timezone the user’s computer’s in and designate a specific amount of keys to that timezone? I would say allow people to set the timezone but I guess that can be abused. Alternatively you could alternate between the timezones say a different one every week. I’d have no problem with staying home from work or waiting for midnight for keys but for anyone in Australia it’s a bloody wait till 5AM to get a key and hell the two times I have done it I missed out. I’m hyped to play Rust but I’m not much of a morning person and by that I mean getting up at 11AM sucks so 5AM is hell

I just set an alarm on my phone to wake me up around $50 (4 - 5am). Bought it using my phone. Didnt leave the bed. Fell back to sleep once transaction was complete. Nothing hard about it.

Good idea by Shinx though.

This sounds like a good idea; I’d suggest even a two- or three-hour interval to increase the pace of the drift.

Let’s pretend people can’t fake what region/time zone they’re in, even though that’s actually really easy to do. Not counting places that don’t observe daylight savings while everyone around them does and weird timezones that are half an hour off or something weird like that (and there are tons of those), there are 26 timezones across the planet. The clock goes from GMT-12 to GMT+14. If they are only putting up 100 keys a day to keep from filling up too fast, you can see how this becomes a problem – every time zone would have 3-4 keys available to it on an even split, and you’ll have some timezones where no keys will ever get bought because nobody in that end of the world has even heard of Rust, let alone cares about buying a key right now. And an uneven split means some people are getting unfairly screwed.

Making the start time of the auctions move an hour (or whatever) ahead/back each time so that everyone gets a chance to have the price drop lower at a decent hour is likely the best one here.

Well see it from the perspective of anyone in Australia. Where it is now you’re screwed, move it back and hour you’re still screwed, move it forward an hour you’re slightly less but still definitely screwed.

Move it back an hour. Then move it back another hour. And then another.


Move it ahead an hour. Then move it ahead another hour. And then another.

Not some sort of forward-back-forward-back gyration. We’re not trying to fuck the international date line here. Think this through before you reply.

The times in Australia are good.
Honestly, I did it this morning… How hard is it to set an alarm for 4:50am, get on your computer, enter your credit card details, buy the game and go back to sleep?

It took… 10 minutes for me to buy a key?
I think we are lucky it isn’t in the middle of the day, when people are working… Seems more convinient to get up in your own time for 10 minutes than have to worry about it at work/not get it at all?

/endrant. :words:

Ugghhhh the aution time is soo bad i got to go to school like 8:30 and the price goes even lower on 11: something while im in school can’t get a key T_T

i have set alarm for 3 am each morning haha and still no luck, ive noticed the price is lowering, slowly… ill try again every day until i get one. what sucks though, is that im Australian, and our dollar buys 0.93 american .-. so i have to wait till the price drops to 41$ instead of the normal 45$ ffs Australia get your head out of your ass and fix yourself xD

People are so tight.

by having a day where instead of starting it at 200 dollars, it starts at 100, and there’s twice the keys. one day; thats all. do it at the beginning of the month… also…
you could try creating a thread where people who want to be testers (not just yayyyy i’m playing rust hahahaha) could apply for a test key. these test keys would eventually expire, and those who tested could then buy a key at either a discounted rate, or at a set price. just my thoughts.