Rust Keys

For those who haven’t seen Garry post on the forum, below his name it says ‘FREE RUST KEYS’ with a hyperlink, for those who haven’t seen this here is the link

Hope you all get your keys!!

(User was banned for this post ("Spam" - SteveUK))

aaaaa yaaaa chicken on a raft, if you want a key you have to click the donate button on the top right of your screen, after you donate you can get the key, donations must be above 5$ if my memory’s good

I got my key from the site yesterday, thanks for posting!

at theast the music is nice

and how long will that take?

It’s about 15-20mins for it to redirect you to another page, it can vary, if it doesn’t work your brower might have a plugin preventing it, so open it in another browser for the same amount of time. Hopefully it will work :slight_smile:

Hmmm Seems Legit!

Why i should not trust this? Hummmm


Dat chicken can float on that raft all day.:dance: