Rust Kill Montage {MLG} {{JUMPS}}

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This is really good, I like the use of spinning effects and dubstep. Liked and sub’d.

Astonishing camera work. You should make a tutorial!!

holy shit man, you’re pretty fucking mlg.

how u get rust key?

i wnt 2 be mlg like u

0/10 no lens flare, scrub detected


free cey!

Haha, that was awesome :slight_smile:

i didn’t think you’d actually make it

Is this the new cod, and can Ienter your mlg clan?


Wood chopping sound at the very end is just perfect.

k ?

Haha. That was me he was trying to axe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, the use of color, music, and tornado camera work is really, really awesome.

no it wasnt that was me