Rust killing my internet connection after update

Hi guys,

After the update rust seems to be eating all of my internet. I start up rust from steam, choose “servers” and nothing happens. Reloading servers does not show any servers. I am talking to a friend over skype, and as soon as i start rust i am lagging REALLY much. When i close rust, it’s back to normal. I’ve tried to open web pages while rust is running, the pages won’t load at all.

Any more people having trouble with this?

nearly the same but always in the morning. even skype and web browser as you said. thought my provider sucks…

oh no, my provider really sucks

I’ve had the same problem occasionally when I try to join . My internet goes down for a few minutes. Not just with this update though.

I’m getting a slightly worse problem. since the update (only since the update, ive never had this issue prior) about 2 minutes into playing my computer restarts. turns off and on again. it’s not an overheating issue as i can play GTA V on ultra for hours (tested it literally right after one of the restarts) so it’s not on my side.
I also have a friend who has only ever been able to play the new rust every now and then. his rust will always turn off after the configuration screen. some updates it works, some updates it doesn’t.

That sounds like out-of-date drivers or bad RAM or something. Rust isn’t supposed to shut your machine down.

What version is your graphics driver? (xxx.xx for Nvidia, xx.xx for AMD)

I love how elix responds to every single thread, even though he has no idea what he is talking about.
How can it be out of date drivers or bad ram if he can play GTAV on ultra for 5 hours straight without an issue? :rolleyes:

Try setting the directx version to 9 in game.
It may also be the new shadow settings they added that are causing the issue.

As long as I don’t go to the server page, I have no problem.

When I do go to the server page, it hogs every damn socket I have for a short time, cock-blocking every new connection I attempt to make.

If I’ve anything else already connected, they’re fine.