rust lag

Hi i use to play rust a lot but i stopped for a while and im back now. I have been playing on a sever that i get 90 ping on and i keep lagging back to where i was standing 10 seconds ago i have very fast internet with 60 download and 10 upload. my friend who has worse internet then me can play fine. I have a i7 intel processor 4700k with a nvidia 780 2gb help please

your friend whose internet is not as good is probably closer to the server. you can still have shit lag and decent ping. it also could be someone else in the server fucking it up for everyone

i think the lag, though, has something to do with the current coding due to it being pretty much a fresh project so there hasn’t been too much work put into that aspect, because i’ve yet to find a server below 100 ping

i have 90 ping on the server tho

Like is said, you can have fantastic ping but still get horrible lag. ping and latency aren’t the same thing. it could, however, be someone else in the server with horrid ping, and i dont think there is even a player list in Rust, or at least one that includes ping (for players anyway, dunno about server owners). so your best bet is to leave and try a new server or come back to the same one later and see if the problem has actually anything to do with you