rust lagging with shader level > 200

I can’t play rust with good pc because my fps dropping to 19-20 with shader level: 600. When i set shader levels to: 0 my fps are: 60 no lag… why shader levels make game lagg ? pls help

pc specs: I5 4690K, GTX 960, 8GB RAM
windows 7 ultimate 64bit, same problem with win10…
I can run other games on max graphics…

Your hardware doesn’t quite meet the recommended specs for rust. They recommend a 980, which should actually be a 970 as I, and a lot of others can play max settings with 70+ frames with a 970. A 960 is quite a big step down from 970. Also you can’t compare rust to any other games, rust is in early access and is completely unoptimised, at the moment they have other priorities and are pushing out lots of features before they go full in to optimisation, you should be happy if you can play with medium settings as a lot of people with better hardware then you can’t even get decent frames on minimum settings due to optimisation.

i can play rust with max graphics settings nolag but when shader level are: 0… I think its a game bug …

Not a game bug, if it is it’s only with your hardware, I know a fair few people who play with absolute max settings (even max shader level), including me, and I’ve never heard them complain about low frames or shader level.

Can I ask do you have the 2gb 960, or the 4gb?

2GB. P.S My friend have HD 7970 and he can set shader levels to: 600 with no fps drops… he got like 50-60 FPS with oldest gpu… how can my hardware be bad? I5 4690k 4.3GHZ GTX 960 2GB… I know gtx 970 better but not much

The 7970 has 3gb vram, your 960 only has 2gb, that might be the issue here.

There’s nothing wrong with your hardware, just rust isn’t optimised.

It makes sense that higher shader levels would require more VRAM. I think that’s your problem as opposed to the actual GPU.

If you don’t have enough VRAM, the performance isn’t going to drop off gradually, it’s going to hit a wall and eat shit because of the need to continuously move things in and out of VRAM, using precious memory bandwidth and causing the GPU to have to wait for the data it needs to render the next frame.

Today i asked my friend how many fps he got with shader levels = 600 and gtx 960 2gb (same gpu) … and he say: 50-60… wtf ? i have same gpu and i got like 20 fps with shader levels = 600… when i lower shader levels to 0 i have 60 fps no lag… wtf i need to do ? my drivers a newest from geforce experience

What cpu does your friend have?

he have i5 4670k 3.5ghz and he have same graphics settings