Rust Launcher Error: FatalError - Unallowed Windows Kernel Hook detected.

Anyone else got that error message at the moment? I’ve looked around the forums and the bug section but found little to nothing. I would like to play the game again. I’m getting kicked of updated servers after 10-15 seconds.

Edit: Its not maleware or something. I’ve checked that.

Are you launching Rust through steam? somtimes desktop shortcut fails.

yeah through steam.
When I start the game from the Steamfolder, Rust.exe would give me the same error. RustClient.exe works but i get kicked of most servers.

Have you rad this thread?

Open a command prompt as administrator and run these commands:

bcdedit /set testsigning off
bcdedit /debug off

Reboot, launch Rust through Steam.

Launching RustClient.exe bypasses loading EAC, and you will be kicked from any server with security enabled.