Rust Launcher Error: LauncherFailure - Failed to start game. Error code: 10011

I’ve been having the same problem for the last week and have tried all of the usual remedies:

>Uninstall/reinstall both Rust and EAC
>Completely deactivated/uninstalled all anti-malware/spyware
>Verified game cache
>Purged old steam files
>Used CCleaner to clean computer and registry
>Tried running all things as administrator
>Tried launching Rust inside Steam as well as Rustclient.exe from folder while EAC is running in background
>Everything is up to date on my computer (apps/drivers/ etc…)

I’m currently running Windows 10 and have been for sometime with no problems with any game including Rust. This just came out of the blue for me though. I had stopped playing for a few months, logged in a week ago for a few hours, then couldn’t get past steam since. (sigh) help please…

wow. same thing is happening to me m8

Have you updated Windows?

I have not, can you please show me how to do that?

Run Windows Update.

My Windows is up to date, is there something else I can try? I can run Rust only if I run it as Administrator but my launch options do not apply

Right-click on Rust.exe in the Rust steam folder, and set its compatibility to run as administrator. Then try launching from Steam.

Thanks! At least I won’t have to manually look in the Rust folder and do that everytime! :slight_smile:

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My launch options don’t work unfortunately, but it certainly does the trick

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Also can’t take screenshots or use Shift + Tab in game. I guess I’ll have to deal with it

I have tried everything as well as setting compatibility and running as administrator but as soon as I launch from Steam it instantly says Rust.exe has stopped working