Rust Launcher Error: Loading Error- Start Service Failed (32)

What does this even mean, I googled and it just brings me to unanswered forums and no one seems to want to do anything about it, I love playing rust but because of this error its literally now impossible for me to play the game. I was able to bypass it a few times by basically forcing the game to start ( I would constantly click play until it worked, usually out of pure frustration and eventually it would work, this was usually once out of every 50 plays or so. But now it doesn’t work at all). I am able to get to the menu of the game by running it as administrator via programfiles86/steam/steamapps/common/rust and start from there but I can’t join servers due to a eac error after that, I excluded eac through my antivirus and firewall and I also allowed full rights through the properties of the application but it still wont work. I have also tried reinstalling, reinstalling windows even, Verifying cache, deleting app cache and I am currently at my wits end. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated and I am pretty sure the others who asked online would appreciate it as well.

TL;DR- Rust basically wont start because of a weird error and I tried a bunch of ways to fix it. Still isn’t fixed and a bunch of other people have this problem and they still haven’t been helped.

Yep I’m still having issues with the game since the new update, I understand the developers are busy but surely someone that can help with the problem has come across it. I’m hoping it can be fixed soon.

Nope, ErrorFatal Code 32 since in 2015.

my 4 friends play both work and errorfatal.

But don’t know how to fix and your update windows or firewall…

You need format clean windows 7/8/10 you will work play, that sucks dont want again format it.

The error code indicates ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

This either means: corrupted anti-virus installation, rootkit virus, or something like Process Hacker keeping a handle open. If not the latter, I’d recommend re-installing Windows since something is fundamentally wrong with the installation. To verify it’s a system wide issue, try loading something like Microsoft’s DebugView.

I hope this helps.

So I fixed it, I ended up deleted my current anti-virus (panda security) and downloaded avira, rust is actually starting up now and I can play normally.

Thanks for confirming. We will be in touch with Panda to get this issue resolved with them.