rust launcher error: loading error - Startservice failed (577)

if I start the game this error is comming in my screen. I dont know what to do and on internet you cant find anything. I have windows 10. plz help me i want to play :stuck_out_tongue:


It is caused by your Windows 10 not being up to date. You are missing some updates and because of that your Windows 10 installation does not recognize the digital certificate and signature of EasyAntiCheat and therefore Windows does not allow loading it.

Please double check that you have all Windows updates installed (optional ones also) and then restart Windows. If it still does not work, try to install this from Microsoft’s website and then restart Windows:

I tried every step and I still get the error. All my updates are done, I installed the certificate you provided, but it still does not work…


Are you sure that you have absolutely all Windows 10 updates installed (optional ones and hidden ones)? And if you installed the certificate, did you check all the checkboxes from that

We have encountered this same problem with some other Windows 10 users and it has always been resolved by updating Windows 10 to latest version and checking that all updates are installed.