Rust Launcher Error


I have just purchased Rust and tried to open it from my Steam library but i’m getting an error message every time, i’m trying both playing Rust and Directx 9. Here is the error.

“Rust Launcher Error: LauncherFailure - Game startup failed. Error Code: 22”

I’m also getting an EasyAntiCheat bug report saying that the game has crashed along with the Launcher Error.

Quite frustrating but any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you done your Windows updates? Are you on a Win10 pre-release version?

Hey I have almost the same issue ! I can log in ( some times ) but if I can my game crash, white screen, and my pc becomes slow for a while ! Can someone help us ?

What are your system specs? And have you done your Windows updates?

Well, that’s probably the probleme thanks !