Rust Launcher?

A while back i bought the game, Rust, in the dutch auction they were having, I then proceeded to get a new computer and now i can finally play the game because my other computer couldn’t handle the game. But i have no idea where a rust launcher is or where i go to actually play the game :frowning:

Please help, Thanks in advance!

If you have an old beta key that you won in the auctions, go to to convert it to a steam key, which you then activate in the steam client under add a game in the bottom left corner.

thank you so much!

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Another problem now :frowning: When i went to sign in i couldn’t even remeber my password, but it showed my email as one that had been there before, but now when i try to recover my password, it says user not found! and i made the account the same time i made this one, so my question is, could someone change my email and steal the key from me?

Please help!