Rust launches but then nothing happens.

I just got my new Gaming PC. (GTX 960)
I bought Rust a few days ago and then the following issue appeared.
When I want to launch it, there comes a screen if i want to launch it with ‘play rust’ or ‘Rust Direct X9’.
With ‘play rust’ nothing happens and with ‘Rust Direct X9’ I get the loading screen of the game and then it shuts itself off after the EasyAntiCheat is loaded.

Please help me and everybody who replies: Thank you!

did u try uninstall and install again rust? I would do that.

Yes i did, but it didnt help.

You downloaded the drivers for GPU?
Verify game cache?
Ask on NVIDIA forums?

Yes i did all of those :confused:

Happens to me too. It have something to do with EasyAntiCheat i guess, i still can play the game by closing the game with the task manager (because the game is running but nothing happens) and launching it again till it works at some point. With the last update the thing improves, i have to close and launch less times.

Edit: This shit started to happen when i upgraded my windows 8 to windows 10, seems that the OS update had fucked with some files or registry… i don’t know.

This is going to sound odd but try launching it in different screen resolutions . ex 1024 x 768, 1650 x 1050. Just try it you might be surprised at the results.

I tried the resolutions too, but it still didn’t give any results :frowning:

task manager, kill, retry. seems to be the solution for the game never making it to the loading screens

I have this same problem ;(