Rust Legacy: Base Building Tips

Hello, i need help to make a base in rust legacy. I need tips and tricks on how to strengthen bases and how to make them. Leave them below, thanks.

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I personally go for 3x3 bases which have atleast 6 places where they gotta blow C4 to raid me. The 3x3 is just the base for a “tower”.

Hello allow me to answer your post in all bold letters with my bold letters:


Hide them behind terrain.

Stay away from frequently-accessed areas, such as landmarks and roads.

Use armor.

Build at least one story above your living area.

Plant traps nearby and remember where you placed them.

Don’t put armored walls on twig foundations.

He’s talking about legacy rust.

Jadiel’s tower, done.

you can do it with wood too and if you place the pillars properly around the base they will have a really really hard time to reach it :smiley: