Rust Legacy, current state of it.

It’s full of hackers, that was the best game I have ever played. So many nostalgic feels. Right now its full of hackers, you could release a little patch that would stop people hacking. It takes about 20 clicks to install aimbot and esp. Please and thank you. Take care.

It doesn’t matter how many patches are released, the actual hack developers will find a way around it again.

they wont ever update legacy with anything new or to stop hackers garry has stated this before over and over

No thanks. I’d prefer 100% of the effort be on current Rust.

I think so too, wasting developing time on legacy for nothing is pointless. Current Rust is more important at the moment and will most likely always be.

No such thing as “a little patch that would stop people hacking” anyway. Even as outdated as the Legacy branch is, a “hack fix” would eventually be circumvented and “hacking” would be unaffected.

What are you talking about? What servers are you playing on?

Hacking is not too much on modded servers that run programs to stop hackers. Currently there are very few people on the official servers. What does that mean - also very few hackers. I am playing on East 1 the last few days and it is very few hackers on there. Most often it is 6 players - none of which are hacking. On the more populated servers - it is not to hard to find a good modded server with 50 players and good admins who keep the hackers under control.

legacy is not being developed anymore. they added a small patch to it recently purely to have more accurate counts of legacy v experimental population counts. active cheat control isn’t going to happen anytime soon, if ever. it would take too much in the way of time and resources, and it would be a bit like trying to hold water in a sieve with your hands. too many holes.