Rust Legacy Dead.

So as you all know, rust legacy has no more updates. I personally like rust legacy much more, but it is dead. It’s got servers fo sho, and sure, it’s fun. But it gets boring, no new items, no new mechanics etc. I really need to make this idea no matter how much hate i’m going to get for it. I want to bring up a discussion about Facepunch starting to make updates for rust legacy aswell. Stop calling it “old version” and start calling it legacy. Make it two different rusts. Idk, just… I want to see opinions on the subject.

I totally agree. I think that FacePunch should put a couple devs on the matter.

This is why there needs to be a sticky thread for legacy with Rust’s official position (no more development, ever) so people can easily find the thread and see what has already been said over and over (and over).

Legacy will never be meaningfully updated again. It is a first draft that the devs have built up to a certain point, learned from, and then abandoned.

It’s dead, and this was planned. Rather than immediately shut down access to the old version, garry left it available so that people could play it for now if they preferred. For most of the last year, the new version, what used to be called “experimental”, was not playable as a game, so legacy was the only version of Rust that offered actual gameplay, not just the early beginnings of building and combat and map generation.

The developers aren’t putting any time into legacy going forward. There is no point. It’s not a version that will ever be finished, so why waste any time doing anything with it? Every minute spent working on legacy is a minute not advancing the state of the actual version of Rust that’s going to be finished.

Thank you for probably the 100th actual thread on this topic, here is your personalized version of the same response every one of them got.

it’s only the nostalgia talking man, the new rust is better, hell I had 900hrs in Legacy but I admit, experimental is much more fun, you just have to get used to it that’s all

I was introduced to Rust a few months back via the new rust (just before C4 was added). I really enjoyed the game and it’s progression since.

I went back to try Legacy after the fact. I can see what people like about legacy. It’s easy to get loaded out with weaponry and accessories, and it’s a fast moving combat game on most server. I enjoyed playing it, but that novelty wore off quickly. I’m not about the CoD + building gameplay style. It was fun, but honestly, I found the high tech holosights, suppressors and weapons lights on modern weaponry seriously clashes with the overall theme of Rust. I prefer the beat up, cobbled together basic weapons.

New Rust still needs a lot of polishing and functionality added, but IMO, it’s a much better game overall. It’s not as much of a CoD run and gun as its predecessor. And I think that’s fine. If you want to play CoD, play CoD. Don’t make Rust into it.

So basically, it’s time to let go. You can still play legacy, but learn to part ways with it, because what you see now is all you’ll ever get. The new Rust is where it’s at.

It would be MISERY to develop such a code. Thats why you wont get it. Hell Im starting to feel like cs 1.6 players started to debate, if that game is better than GO.

Hell, you will be able to make a mod for that. Not that hard.

I think the big love for legacy is that it satisfies that desire for instant gratification that’s rather prevalent everywhere these days. No one wants to put the time and effort in to work for stuff. They want it all NOW.

With zero experience in Legacy, within a couple of hours of starting as a fresh spawn, I could build most weapons and attachments, full kevlar, and had a base built and was ready for the run and gun. I realized right away that this really wouldn’t be the game for me because of this. There was no real progression. It was just far too easy. And later trying out a modded server, I saw it was even easier. I quickly bored of it because there was really nothing left to do other than to play it like CoD or Counterstrike.

I like that progression is far more difficult in the new Rust. Unless you’re extremely lucky and get guns in an airdrop or a rare BP somewhere, in a day of new Rust, you’re likely only to have a stone base and still be running around with bows and spears.

I’ll admit that the new rust is better in my opinion, but only because they added alot more stuff and I love the new mechanics of ragdoll physics and the the new crafting system, which brings a TON more stuff to do. I did love legacy rust, and I still like it to this day, only because of the amazing times I had with that game and the great raids my crew did. The only thing I do not like about the new rust is that raiding a house is extremely easy, and I hate having to use the lock and key method in order to keep my door locked… I don’t like carrying around 20 keys.

Find code locks.

This thread seems familiar…

Lol, was just about to go find this quote.

Where do I find the BP for those?

In barrels or rad towns like everyone else.

The big groups are running everytime with AK and you say it is not like cod. The big groups need 3h on a server to get weapons. So dont say legacy was full of weapons. Legacy was more a survival game then the current version. You have tons of stones and trees and you have not many risk to get massive stuff. In legacy was farming very dangerous, because everybody want the stuff.

I think the new version is alot harder imo… Legacy was so easy to defend your house and loot… etc… this one people can sneak up on you and raid like there is no tomorrow.

Yup. Legacy was too easy. Like I said above. As a noob that had never played Legacy, after a couple of hours I could craft the M4, both pistols, ammo, all attachments and full kevlar.

Where’s the challenge in that? With minimal effort, all this stuff was pretty much “handed to me”. Once I had a nicely hidden base and all my guns and gear, there was really nothing left to work towards except raiding. But at that point, what’s the point? It then becomes all about just running around shooting people. Sorry, but I like the struggle of overcoming a genuine challenge and the satisfaction of success over the long term. I’m not into instant gratification.

And I honestly can’t call legacy Rust a survival game anymore than CS is a survival game. Even new Rust is straddling that line, although a little more in the survival camp than legacy was.

When legacy is not a survival game then is rust not a survival game too. And legacy was easy to defend?? Not really you can build up and kill this guy. ON the new rust is defending so easy. Build on a rock and nobody can reach you. Thats realy shit. BUT ALL IN ALL Rust is in developement. The new Rust got many cool things. The BUilding System is much better. The Graphic is fantastic and i like the new guns. I think when Rust get the good things of legacy then it will be a good game.

I completely agree with you.