Rust Legacy depot

Since yesterday the Rust Legacy Windows depot seems to be empty and only downloading an “EmptySteamDepot” folder.
I’ve been able to replicate this on separate machines, but I find it odd that nobody else has reported this publicly.
Which leads me to ask if I am the only one seeing this or not?

The server or the client?

Sorry, forgot to mention, the server.

how about now?

Nowp, I either get:

Steam>app_update 258550 -beta legacy validate
Update state (0x0) : Timed out waiting for update to start, bailing.
Success! App ‘258550’ fully installed.


Steam>app_update 258550 -beta legacy validate
Update state (0x0) unknown, progress: 0.00 (0 / 0)
Success! App ‘258550’ fully installed.

It doesn’t even seem to be downloading the “EmptySteamDepot” folder anymore
Installing Release works fine though.

Should be ok now?

Yep! Thanks!

This is why I play Rust… Devs who care! <3 u garry, in a manly, chest bumping way.

I love you in a “hide in the bushes and go through your trash” way…

garry : I try to install linux server and I only have “EmptySteamDepot”.

What is the problem ?

Post deleted, issue fixed.