Rust (Legacy) Entities Pack - Oh shit i'm low, pass me some blood.

Hi, hello, holla… Erm, i don’t know. Ah whatever, Hello Facepunch! Today i got something to show to ya! It’s something i’ve been working for some time now, it’s this thing: The Rust (Legacy) Entities Pack!
It’s quite simple but yet fun to use in some cases. Pretty much this works like every entity addon, you spawn in an entity, you press E or walk into it and it works it’s magic. Some of these have custom models - which i ported myself!

Workshop Link - Rust (Legacy) Entities Pack

How to spawn in the entities: By now you probably installed the addon, thinking it’s easy like that! Well, yeah, now press Q, go to the entities tab, select Rust: Source (Very original name) and spawn in any entity you want! Now, on how to use these!

How do these work in-game: There are a total of 13 entities in this pack that can be used with E that grant the player buffs, give the player health, armor or ammo. Lets take the armor for example, it works like this: It gives you armor, and changes your playermodel and the color. Medical items, well, they heal you. Like, i can’t say anything else. There are also 3 entities that work on they’re own. For example let’s take the supply signal. Once spawned it starts working, and like 10 seconds later it spawns in 3 drops. Easy, right?

I will expand this post later with more info and on how it works, but for now i gotta go. I hope you enjoy this addon tho!

P.S Remember to also download this addon. It’s required for the first addon to work!