Rust Legacy lag

Hey guys, I have a problem with that game. Everything is OK but when I am moving or punishing stone or wood the game is sometimes lagging. Play this video please.
Link here:!lZFARBQS!Kb7pWOmlEA6Z5wXOm3sEnEmZw1R898FbGhnAACfQneY

Windows 8.1 64bit
Intel Core i5-4600M
Ati Radeon HD8750M 2GB
8GM RAM 1600MHz

  1. Why is the ‘video’ on megashare?
  2. Legacy is no longer supported.
  3. Don’t use ancient graphics cards.

Do you think the lag is caused by the server, and has nothing to do with your PC, or is your PC struggling?

If it’s your PC, there are some console commands to reduce the graphics settings. That could help.

If it is the server getting lag spikes, then nothing you can do.

I don’t think it’s caused by my PC. For example Far Cry 4 is going very well. I tried a lot of servers and console commands too but nothing helped.

It’s the server then. Probably would not happen on another server. Nothing you can do on that server then.