Rust Legacy or Rust experimental optionmenu

Can you the facepunch team please put the option menu back that i can choose rust legacy or Rust experimental its to annoying at the moment because if someone wanna switch to rust legacy he needs to download again can you add the option menu back in please that every can choose
*Rust Experimental
*Rust Legacy
I hope developer or someone who does that kinda things react on this i would be awesome if someone added back in again because they removed the option menu alot of players quit rust legacy and maybe upload the vac system in rust legacy again
Please Team Facepunch react on this
and when im talking about the option menu i mean this thing

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And all these guys want it to

Legacy is unsupported, that’s why it’s stashed away in the Betas menu. It hasn’t been meaningfully updated for about two years and it never will be again.

If the download is a real issue for you, you can work around it with some clever folder swapping.

Those 205 petition signatures represent 0.00843% of Rust owners.

besides, if you play legacy specifically, just opt in, download and DON’T play experimental.

maybe if they would do an Devblog poll those percentages would look a bit diffrent :v:

Go play Hurtworld, it’s nearly a carbon copy of legacy rust.

i did it wasnt satisfieng at all