Rust Legacy Relaunch

To Facepunch

I hope facepunch will read this I’m making this thread because you need to relaunch rust legacy or sell it to another developer because it is on of the nicest games I’ve ever played
Please sell it to another developer team because maybe if the other developers are gonna relaunch it again the game can come more cooler everyone is leaving because the un updated vac system and the rustdb ban system and some of the guys that played rust legacy don’t want to play it again because the option menu got removed the half of the legacy community doesn’t know how to start it please relaunch it or sell it to another developer team of put the option menu back in where someone can choose
*Play newer version of Rust [Play Rust experimental]
*Play older version[Play Rust Legacy]

No. Play Rust as it is now or find another game. Hurtworld is very much like Rust Legacy with more added to it, like cars and other stuff. If you want an updated Rust Legacy then try Hurtworld.

Support for legacy ended two years ago. It was a very crappily-coded rough draft. It’s provided on an as-is basis and it’s natural that people will move away from playing it.

thats right! time to move up!

I tried but It’s shit the graphics they need to just relaunch rust legacy or sell it to another game devoper

No one wants legacy… The code is a hair ball. that’s the whole reason it was a canned in the first place is a disaster. You had code on top of code on top of more code.

Sorry man but legacy is done.

What are you talking about, the graphics on rust make rust legacy graphics look terrible.

And about “everyone leaving” go check the steam stats, rust is just as popular now as it was back when legacy first launched, if not more popular, and it’s just getting more and more popular all the time, especially when it goes on sale.

Cuz the most of the players that not even played rust legacy back in the days the didn’t know about it but now its getting bigger cuz the graphics but the gun play is shit vanilla its hours of no living it takes several hours to get a stone base and 3 hours to get a full shit metal big base and to get a gun takes way to long

but but … we dont care about graphics :S we want legacy thats it ! the old gameplay was very fun and now the experimental is very very bad at gameplay no fun no ressource I mean for animal hunting :frowning:
and now why we are again in alpha it’s time after 5 years or more (idk i forget how much time) to pass out to a release :frowning:

probably garry forgot each time he start to develloping a new game
he forgot the others games he started too.

(I played Gmod since the alpha 3 to last year 2015 and I loved that gameplay but now
i Lost interrest to play at this game :frowning: but was a very good game :smiley:
I have over 4k hours a time game :stuck_out_tongue: maybe more 6k or 8k hours if we count before the release at the one from the 2009 release on steam )

Look at 7 days to die this is a fun game :slight_smile:

Or at least what can be cool instead of revival the legacy, maybe to redo the legacy map into the experimental :smiley: this could be very interresting :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope Garry will understand us :smiley:

Are you telling me that it takes way too long to get a gun?

Lets take semi automatic rifle for example. 60 cloth and 450 metal fragments. Thats about 10mins of farming if you have 2x2 base up and running. Way too long?

Another example. Bolt action rifle. 100 cloth 300 wood 30 HQM. And this one here… I doubt it will take more than 30 minutes. Maybe 1 hour. Way too long?

never looked really in the experimental because the hunting wasnt fun the map is too big
I never see any animals between an 45 min of game time played :frowning:

I stopped after 1hours of game time

At the moment there are animals all around. There has to be otherwise you’ll starve to death. :slight_smile:

maybe you should test it before having an opinion about something

honestly mate first of you dont gave any date when you played it last time and secondary finding an animal is now easier then in legacy…