Rust Legacy server not showing up in the Community Tab

Hello everybody!
I recently started hosting a Rust Legacy server for me and my friend. I also wanted it to be open to other players aswell so i just hosted it.
When i hosted it, the only way you could connect to it was through IP. The server was not even listed in the History tab after you joined it.
I eventually fixed the issue of not showing up in the History Tab but some of my friends say that the server doesn’t show up in the Community Tab.

I have been searching around and i was unable to find a sollution to my problem.
What did i do wrong? I’ve allowed both Port 28015 and port 28016 through the Fire along with UDP and TCP and my Router also has those 2 ports forwarded to TCP and UDP.
You can connect. but not find it in the Community tab.

Can someone help me please?

Update the Game, new update is out.

I have updated the server and let a friend of mine check who has not joined the server yet. He can not find the server under the community tab. I am hosting a Legacy server, not experimental.
Server version is 1069 ( Latest if i am correct )

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This issue has been solved!