Rust *Legacy* Server Problem

Hi Guys,

I’m new to server hosting and I’ve encountered a problem… in the server console I type “inv.giveplayer (my name) (item) (amount)”
I don’t know what to put for an item name. I’ve found lists on the internet of item short names but they are for Rust Experimental. Does anyone know where to find item names for Rust Legacy that I can use in my server window?


I know this is way off topic - But do people still play legacy? I know there are a vast amount of threads bitching about experimental, just didn’t know legacy was still a thing. <- Here are a list of items… I’m wagering that they’re Legacy because of the Admin items.

Though this may be what you need

Your best bet would be to download one of the mods that dumps the item configs or drop tables for you to modify. If you look in the config files you’ll find all the names in there. I think the old Rusty versions for legacy had the short names in the drop down too but I could be wrong.

Yeah as far as I know lots of people still play legacy… I can’t used to experimental.

Thanks though!

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I’ll try that too thanks!

Of course. Many people can play Legacy fine but new Rust doesn’t work on their machines. For me, for example, new Rust looks terrible because I need to turn down all the graphics. I like the new Rust, but legacy looks a lot better with my setup.

People might play Legacy for other reasons: runs better, looks better on low settings, nice combat, faster progression, much better map, etc. I can always find hundreds of people playing across the legacy servers.