Rust:Legends Server

**-Rust Legends-
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East Coast Server** -
Looking for Legends of Rust to come play here and test your luck, a server geared towards PvP and Resource grinding active admins will be policing.
If you are a Rust legend and you would like to come test your skills vs some of the others I have attempted to recruit come out.

The Setup
:: 0 Durability
:: Slightly Longer Days & Slightly shorter Nights
:: /help commands (/who /list /history etc.)
:: Door share
:: Last Death Messages
:: Classic Drop Rates
:: Custom Saturday Events
:: Removal Tool Added for homes
If you would like to connect :: Press F1 > net.connect

Peak number of 15 Yesterday, great start for a new server - BUMP

**Patch 6/11 **

Leather Drop Rate :: Buffed 5%
Kevlar Drop Rate :: Nerfed 5%
Supply Signal Drop Rate :: Nerfed 20%
Research Kit Drop Rate :: Nerfed 15%
Misc Medical Drop Rate :: Nerfed 2%


Remove Tool :: Plugin Added

Peak 22 players great start keep them coming guys …



Bump , NEW WIPE COME play Its not on the list so type net.connect

In the cmd screen


bump ttt