Rust Let's Play Gameplay EP2 - GRENADE PVP

Hey what’s up fellow survivors :wink:

I made a grenade in-game. I didn’t even know they were in the game.

Feel free to watch Ep2 of my let’s play below:

Any likes or comments would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave constructive feedback :slight_smile:

I really like it when people put background music at times, and when you put a picture of when you fail/talk.

Glad you liked it :slight_smile: Feel free to tell me if there is something I can improve on.

cut outs can be good when you do montages, but longer videos are sometimes better :3

welp, just my opinion

Really entertaining, and well made video…!

Can I ask how you recorded the Unity Webplayer?

I to have a series of my own
Rust With Friends

Did you just use the soundtrack of The Last of Us to start your playthrough? -_-

not cool for u to come into this guy’s videos and advertise your own.
btw vids private.

I really enjoy this series! Make moar :wink:

Haha yeah. Come on you got to admit that song is awesome.

Glad everyone else likes the video :slight_smile:

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I used fraps and recorded my voice with audacity :slight_smile:

Sick Idea dude

I really liked your video, Nicely done with the sound effects :stuck_out_tongue:

Which sound effects were the best? :stuck_out_tongue: