Rust Levels.

I really think this would be a cool idea. so basically you have a lot of skills, (woodcutting, mining, Meele, cooking, etc.) and those skills allow you to do things alot faster and better. so for example:
Levels - 30
level 1-8 same woodcutting as usual
level 9-15 3+ wood gained per hit (stone hatchet = 10 wood a hit, regular hatchet = 13 wood a hit, etc)
level 16-22 5+ wood gained per hit
level 30 7+ wood gained per hit. can craft a new hatchet, the bronze hatchet(15% faster)

Levels - 30
level 1-8 same mining as usual
level 9-15 2+ material gained per hit
level 16-22 4+ material gained per hit
level 30 5+ material gained per hit. can craft a new pickaxe, the bronze pickaxe(15%faster)

Levels - 30
level 1-8 same combat as usual
level 12-20 swing 10% faster
level 21-29 swing 15% faster
level 30 swing 20% faster. can craft a new weapon, the sword(+12% meele damage)

levels - 30
level 1-8 same cooking as usual
level 9-15 cooking time reduced by 20%
level 16-22 cook 3 every time instead of 2
level 30 cooking time reduced by 35%, cook 4 every time and can craft spitfire(+2 extra slots for cooking)

let me know what ya think!

Had a similar idea a while back, people didn’t really seem to like it. You have my support though, hope it helps some!

This is a request for Rust or for Minecraft?
Levels?.. this is not the point of the game
seem Dumb to me…

Well i think its really an better Idea for Minecraft or else.
Rust is on first line a Shooter,not an MMORPG.


Yeah, except Minecraft doesn’t have levels. Get your shit together man :v:

Thats not really correct.
Minecraft has an Level System.With EXP you can craft books to make your equip better.

I dont like the Idea of lvl on Rust.In my Oppinion it would make Rust more to an MMORPG as an Shooter

Levels? This would work kinda. As long as no one builds off of this and says that high levels should deal more damage or something along those lines. I’d hate for a tier system to be developed too much.

To be honest I only played for a really short time, I guess I didn’t make it that far.

People complain about how hard it is to start out, and then want to make experienced players even more powerful. Alrighty then.

Thats the Reason i tell it to you :wink:
Ok lets think about lvl.Are they still their after die?Or should i learn it again?
If we say that they not their after die,why should i keep it on an Shooter?
On an big Server i will die every 30 minutes round about.

Other point.What if they still their after die?So Player which are longer their has higher chances to noobs.

I like it that everybody has their a chance to get high.Full Kevlar Guys could killed by a naked Guy with a shotgun or Else.

With the Level System their would come more Attributes after that.First only mining,later maybe better Shooting Power or else.I say that COULD come,not has come.

For this to work, I feel that you should drop some levels on death, so that it carries a penalty, but not like total death.

No thanks, this will just give a major advantage to the old players.