Rust Live Map

Hey, do you think it would be a good idea to have some sort of live map, maybe gets updated every few hours. You could see structures and maybe try to find a good place to build your epic base? Do you think this would be used in the wrong ways?

It will be used in the right (or wrong) ways :slight_smile:

Live map might be a good addition once the game goes live, but since this is alpha, the map might be a bit useless. After I learned to read the map at I always knew where I was and where everyone else are likely to be.

I don’t really mind either way but I would prefer no map just because of my house and my stuff being stolen, so if you can make it so on the map you can only see hills randomly generated structures or whatever then that’s good just not other peoples builds. Also their should be a command in Rust (if the map is put into Rust) to hide yourself on the map instead of all of these axe murderers running around bashing you and your house down.

It would just be abused.

That’d be a really bad idea.