Rust -load fix


Anyone hosting a server and not following the threads the -load is fixed.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Stop your server
  2. Click the ‘Steam Update’
  3. Click the ‘Command Line Manager’
  4. Open or create a new command line (this is to ensure your server gets the –load command back)
  5. Save this command line and ensure you press ‘select’ on it
  6. Install any modifications you wish via the ‘Mod Manager’ and its respective updates via the ‘Updates’ icon
  7. Start your server and have fun in game!

Please note that some servers may be affected by the CPU/RAM glitch due to broken maps. When this occurs we will need to perform a map wipe on said server.

Our server was laggy, but we managed to restore the map to a time before the issue begun.

I cant take credit for the info above - Credit for the steps to fix go to the support crew at Streamline Servers - cheers Streamline.

Is the DDOS overwith?


I ‘think’ the DDOS was the catalyst to the issues beginning Saturday (for most, Friday for some) - from there it escalated to a memory/cpu leak where the -load was disabled.

From my own experience on our server, it seems to be working fine now.

Thanks for the answer about DDOS!

Love to know of if Official Seattle has been wiped in the past 24 hours…have not been able to connect since saturday, now at work and have no way of telling.

I would also like to know, I had built a crazy watchtower in the dessert…


I have a target as I’m in the desert as well.

If the owner of that server has a backup that’s not laggy, they can restore. I restored to Friday the 17th. We take regular backups storing them locally.

I’m only gutted cause I made a really cool base yesterday that when restored, lags the server… Such is life lol.

Everything seems to be back to normal. No more issues with the trees, so because of that no more cpu and memory leaks. No more attacks as well. Let’s hope it can stay like that for a while lol.

I liked the extra trees… it hid my valuables :dance:

Whats the name of your server and how often do you wipe?