Rust logo font suggestion

Hello, everyone! I’m new around here, but I’m no stranger to Rust. I noticed in-game that the Rust font is quite good, however the Rust font in the logo is very distant from the in-game font in my opinion. I whipped up a font to slap on it to see what it’d look like to go along with it. Just an experiment really, I’m curious to what other people think as well about the current logo font in contrast to the in-game font.

As a side note, I’m not saying I don’t like the Rust logo font, I just feel it’s distant to the in-game font and doesn’t match.

I always liked the logo font and Roboto Condensed font (used in the UI). But I believe the Roboto font wouldn’t be good in the logo. :smiley:

Man I really like the font used there.