Rust Logo (In Rust)

I created the Rust logo by accident. However, not to waste a happy accident, I have placed this screenshot here for your approval.

nice, if you upgrade the odd triangles to 2nd level you get this effect (a long way down, but you can see it at the bottom):

sorry about the image size if it causes any problems I can remove it…

Whoa, that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. (That frame rate though…)

Oh,yeah. I suffer for my art… but I had a heap of lanterns placed and this was before they were optimised. :wink:

Owen that is amazing

that is one hell of an accident.

Nah, mine pales in comparison to Owen’s…

That’s the symbol for radiation.

This has been Captain Obvious reporting. :eng101:

Hey y0himba, sorry for hijacking your thread :smile: Seems Craig from the community update blog found this thread and put my shot up on the update. I wouldn’t have put it up here if you hadn’t started with your awesome shot…

It’s all good man. Congratulations! Very very nice. Maybe we should just turn this into a Rust logo screenshot thread or just an incredible shots thread? Where do you play at mostly?

I admin AusNZRust. When we don’t have many players on I get to build to my hearts content… always testing the limits of construction.