Rust looks fun

Its my birthday and all I want is to try this game :slight_smile:

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Yup, this is what everyone says.

Doesn’t matter, you won’t get to.

It has to I blew out the candles and wished for it!


Thats funny good eye :P.


celebrated it today. jerk

We’ve reached a new low everybody! Somebody actually tried using their birthday as an excuse to get a rust key!

I’ll give you credit. This is a slightly more creative way of begging for a Rust Key.

I <3 Gary

Your feelings are not shared.

if anything, this lowers your chance to get one.

Too fucking bad. Im garys only bitch.

Didn’t someone try to use someone’s disability to get a key? At least that’s what I’ve heard.


Yeah but your birthday is just pathetic.

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Yeah but

Yeah. I wish that the laws of everything would bend for ME on my birthday!

Im very nice so here

I bet, buddy.