Rust Lore... Because it's important.

Would be good if a member of the dev team could write some lore on the game, how we came to be etc the events leading up to the post fallout world that we live in.

I think Garry said somewhere that rust has a story but won’t be revealed that soon. Only hints for now.

Thinking scientists etc…

plot twist where the Scientists

Plot twist, we are reptilians.

Plot twist its a simulation made for a social experiment created by scientists

Plot twist: we are prisoners of war who were wiped of their memories and placed on an island to become experienced in the art of survival. They are going to use us against our own army.


Garry semi-confirmed in a tweet/interview that it’s something along the lines of Prison Island.

make of that what you will

The story starts with a Newman. Washed on the sand of a island, to wake with no idea who he is, or what island he is on. He finds a rock and starts to BAM! Shot in the head with a bolt action.

It’s like the Trueman Show. Or The Hunger Games if you’re a youngin.

Boats when?

World’s destroyed and we’re a generation of new babies from our parents that put us on iceburgs because of the nuclear winter and we floated from our homes to this ever changing island. Just a thought.

Think about it, those aren’t ice, they’re ships we don’t know how to operate!

Not soon enough, thats for fuckin sure.

So far the only NPCs are the helicopters.

It’s strange they don’t attack you if you aren’t equipped…

~Plot Twist~ The scary sound in the sphere is just other players banging on the walls before they shoot you.

He also said that females are on another prison isle…

makes coconut boobs and swims to the other island

a time ago have one page saying something like after a nuke war the world are floated in radiation, rust is one of the safety places of radiation, but even in safety have some mutation (the old zumbies and red beers in rust legacy) so, i believe something like that