Rust!/ LucidGaming [PVP]NoAdmAbuse[New] Sleepers/AirdropsEveryday

Why the Lucid server you may ask yourself. I’ll tell you why. We have great admins that don’t stand for any sort of drama , hacking or bullying. We encourage our players to have fun and just enjoy the game. We listen to our players with our full attention , trying to understand any problem they might be having concerning numerous amount of things concerning anything. We do however not encourage trolling , hacking or being a total douche. We are friendly and do not shoot on sight unless provoked. We get along with many people. We do love [PVP] we will admit that but we do not abuse it by shooting on sight whoever may come across us. We have a zero tolerance for hacking so we will investigate and come to a conclusion whether that certain individual will be permanently banned. We fight for the little guys giving them stuff when they are the ones when they are the ones that need it most. We just hope to have a fun time playing the game, building and have a little fun with [PVP]. So if you are interested and want to come check out what I say is true then here is the IP: net.connect