Rust++ M4 StaterKits|ArenaFridays|NoCraftC4|InstaCraft| We got an awesome community with Active Friendly PVP

Thank you for reading, If you have any questions at all hit me up on steam or in this thread(Preferred for bumps)

Quick News: Finished the Arena in time for Arena Fridays ! -Attck will be streaming as well tonight at 5pm cst
Updated the server rules! Click here to read them

I’m providing an quick and easy Auto Sprint / AutoRun for free Click here to download it!

Quick General Info:
Quick General Info:
Server Name: “WIPED Today 8th StaterKits|ArenaFridays|NoCraftC4|InstaCraft|Oxide”
50 player slots
PvP is enabled
Sleepers enabled
Starter Kit, P250+50 rounds, Leather Set, Hatchet, 2 Cooked Chicken, Bandages
Instant crafting, *Changed to Nearly instant to give expensive builds time to cancel.
Air Drops Start at 10 people in the server, happen every day cycle (No admin called air drops, Don’t Ask for them either)
WIPE ON Feb 21

**Public TeamSpeak 3 Server: **
Server IP = “”
Create temp channels by Right clicking Public Rust> create Sub-Channel
Leaving the temp channel deletes it.

Public Steam Group

I post pretty much daily with server news.
The forums are perfect for discussing trade, player politics and cheat reporting.

Current Plugins:
Market (Money for killing, missions, or selling on the Marketplace, Buy stuff you like, Guides will be provided soon)
Door Sharing (Sharing doors… )
Oxmin (Admin stuff)
Ownership Removal Tool (Lets you remove anything placed on your base, just hit it with a pick axe)
Loot Spawn Lists (Currently nothing changed)
Chat History (/history shows the last 20msgs)
Crafting Controller (No craft C4)
Kits (/kit starter , gives the starter kit)
Chat Moderation (admin stuff)
Private Messaging
Death Handler (posts deaths to the chat)
Players List (/players shows all players in server
Time Commands (/time to see time)
/where (gives cords and named areas, also compass)

History and Description
I started this server to be able to personally prevent any and all admin abuse, Spawning things, Calling airdrops all day, Banning good players. While Air drops are fun, they are incredibly OP for gear and mats. Hence why I’ve limited the effect via mods. I have removed ‘Explosive’, the component for crafting Explosive Charges from the servers drops entirely. Making it impossible to craft C4 in bulk. This forces players to hunt for it in Zombie drops / crates or resort to the much more expensive option of using grenades.

This is a server that is dedicated to the community. Friendly and skilled players at all times of the day/night, all willing to help out new players. We welcome Solo players and large groups. The server already had a very active and helpful playerbase. Trolling is at an all time low and base griefing results in bans, provided there is adequate proof.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask.
Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you in game.

– How to connect –
Open the console by Pressing the F1 key. (in game)
type “net.connect” (no quotes)
Hit Enter

Please vote for the server, if you can do it daily, This helps keep the server population up! I can’t do it by myself or I wouldn’t ask for help.

Server Featured Videos

Great server, very easy to get started in! Everyone is very helpful if needed and the pvp is great! Would highly recommend!

Thanks Ice, I just want to play the game without any cheating.

Great server and good people. Nice that the admins like to come up with mini events to keep things fresh. If you’re new, veteran, or like a nice, fresh start with friendly admins, this is the place.

Gentlemen’s Duels!!
We have built an Arena to host the events at! Come check it out! “net.connect”

Server has been updated today. However mods are disabled until they are also updated.


Looks like all the mods are up and running now attck, Thanks! Hope to see the new Rust++ updated soon!

By the looks of everything, the Rust++ mod will have an update later today.

It will give the ability for admins to remove misplaced pillars/foundations.
We can now actively fix people who’ve been griefed base wise.



Added a better starter kit

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This server is awesome. Own TeamSpeak, great bunch of guys, lots of fun pvp, no griefing, best server around.

Updated to the latest version of Rust++ Now I can actively prevent base griefing ! YAY
Side note I also added a tracker to the Thread Open. Shows the current players and rank on

ATM we are like 30th. Page 3 I think.

Need thread name updated please.
“Rust++ M4 StaterKits|ArenaFridays|NoCraftC4|InstaCraft| We got an awesome community with Active Friendly PVP”


Morning Attack,

Some friends and I are server shopping. I’m curious to know what the wipe cycle will be like on your server and if you have any plans to… tailor back the starter kits / what their allowed spawn frequency is. I’d jump on, but I’m at work not working.


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I should also note that the four of us were drowning in the 20-30 player co-op on our last server. How swollen are your clans?

love this server.

Top server this one.

Well, no answer yet, but I did check out the community forums and it’s encouraging. I’ll check it out tonight and be back to bitch here tomorrow if it’s a one clan play ground. :stuck_out_tongue: