Rust makes my GPU squeal


Whenever I play Rust, my videocard begins squealing (especially in the main menu). The higher my FPS is, the higher the squeal noice.
Did some research and it has something to do with the capacitators of the videocard and a way to get rid of the noice is to set the fps to a certain limit or to enable vsync.
I cannot however find a way to limit the FPS in Rust.

Videocard is a AMD Radeon R9 280X

Could annyone help me further with this problem?

same here, mine also squeals. when i hover over the scroll bar on the browser list it changes pitch slighty too

a complaint / problem about a game giving you to much fps for your computer in development stage. refreshing!

(i am not trying to belittle or poke fun at your problem, I have just never seen this type of complaint / problem before as it is usualy the polar oposite and found it amusing xD )

If you have this with R9 280X (which is NEW) send it back in warranty ASAP! Because like you said its a capacitators fault and that shouldn’t happen in a new fresh graphics card…

Mine does that too (for other games as well), but mine has problems with overheating and other stuff and is like 5 years old, thus slowly dying.

Yeah, sounds like your card is dying man. I would get rid of it ASAP.

EDIT: Actually, it could just be coil whine as mentioned below. Supposedly not dangerous. Enable VSync should help.

Coil whine is normal, assuming that’s what you’re hearing. If what you’re hearing is actually the fan I’d suggest making custom fan profiles in a utility like MSI afterburner.

Now that you mention it, that probably is what OP’s referring to (“something to do with capacitors”)

Supposedly it’s not dangerous, and can be resolved by enabling VSync in the game.

Its diffenately coil whine and not the fans, tried the fans by setting them to 95% without running a game and didnt hear any high pitched squael sound.
For me the sound is not really normal, cause my old videocard does not produce this squaeling :confused:

I have send a mail to the retailer to maybe obtain a RMA, but chances to that appear to be 50%, because not all manufacturers see that as a production fault.

It pretty much sounds like this video, only a bit louder especially in Rust:

Coil whine is totally harmless - it’s just the coil resonating at a specific frequency, and it’s not in any way gonna damage your card. RMA’ing it when it only happens in Rust is a bad idea, as you most likely won’t get anything out of the process - and you’ll have to pay the postage, etc.

A solution is to apply a bit of glue to the whining coil, as it’ll prevent vibration - but seeing as your card is still under warranty I’d avoid this, as it could potentially void your warranty. So my real answer is really just to deal with it, unless it’s so bad that you simply can’t.

Also, next time you have a technical problem, post it in Technical Support, as you’re more likely to get good advice.

It does not only happen in Rust. Rust was just the first game I experienced the noice with since I installed the card, my previous card had that noice at about 500 fps, so my assumption was that the Rust menu needs a frame limiter seing as it hits 450 fps with my new card.
But than I also noticed the noice ingame when fps is 90, hell it even pitched higher and lower depending on where I looked ingame. The sound it makes is very hard to get used to, to be honest.

Since than i experienced the noice in:

  • Mount and blade
  • UT3
  • Unigine heaven
  • Crysis 2

As for the “not posting in technical support”, im sorry but at first I thought it was something that only happened in Rust so I posted it in the Rust section.

On a positive note, this card triples my fps (30 -> 90) compared to my old 5850. :slight_smile:

Annyway tomorrow im bringing the card back to retail, they will test it there to see wether its a fixable issue or not.

The best option is to install your overclocking tool for EVGA its overclocking software called EVGA® Precision X download something like that and change your fan speed to your liking. It well help with the squealing by a bit a sound more like air flow then squeal. Hope that helps

It’s just coil wine man, nothing fancy. It has nothing to so with software. When your card is under higher load, or pumping a lot of frames, coil wine happens.

Many people get it, many don’t, depends on your luck with the hardware. It’s harmless though, just annoying.

Not much you can do except for a couple of supposed hardmods if i remember correctly. Or use a frame limiter.

I have a AMD Radeon R7 260X and never have had heard any squealing and its a lesser card…

It generally doesn’t have to do with card quality nor brand, it can happen to the most top of the line cards as far as I know. It’s just that pumping a lot of frames plus an unlucky coil will get you coil wine.

Let’s put it this way. All coils vibrate at different frequencies depending on load. Coil that produce coil whine just tend to vibrate at a frequency that produces an audible pitch.

Happens a lot to power supplies as well as GPUs.

PWs i have heard scream lol but I didnt know the coils on the vid cards did as well. thanks for the info!

Im running a 280x as well, only seem to get the whine whilst running Rust. Keep me informed on what happens with your retailer. :slight_smile:

It help me out a lot, less wine when I change the fan speed a bit. And its only to Rust btw for me.

Same here only Rust, ONLY in the main menu! their programming mistakes can cost us our GPU’s

There is nothing to worry about, as said before it’s just coil whine, completely normal.

There is something going on, it should be fixed as soon as possible. It is really bad programmed and calls functions not necessary in the maine menu. I run Crisis 3 on ultra no coil whine, i mine Litecoins day and night with my GPU and no coil whine. Room temprature increases by 5 deggree’s Celsius playing Rust…