Rust making windows crash!

So i have this problem with rust that it makes windows freeze/crash and i need to reboot. Sometimes i can play straight for few hours but sometimes i can’t even play 5 minutes.
My computer is decent and it doesn’t have trouble running rust, infact i have checked my temps while playing and usually my CPU is around 45-55 Celsius and GPU 40-50 Celsius, so that really can’t be the problem.
PC specs:
CPU: AMD FX-6300 3.5 OC’d to 4.1 Ghz
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 950


What version are your Nvidia drivers (xxx.xx)? Because Rust doesn’t have the access permissions to shut down the entire machine, so it seems more likely that a driver is crashing.

Do you get the Blue Screen of Death when it happens, or does the machine just lock up hard?

My driver version is 364.72(newest driver) And no i don’t get a blue screen the screen just freezes. I can’t access anything nor can i use the mouse.

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Can this be a problem if i’m running rust on a compability mode for windows vista?

I would take Rust out of Windows Vista compatibility mode, to start with, but that still shouldn’t cause the entire computer to freeze.

I’d suggest downgrading your Nvidia drivers to 364.51 using the “Beta and Older Drivers” page in Nvidia’s driver downloads site. 364.72 seems to have some issues with Rust for some reason, but they’re kind of inconsistent. I’m not a Rust dev so I don’t have any idea whether it’s a problem with Rust, Unity, or the drivers, or a combination.

Thank you for your replies =D i will try downgrading my drivers

I’m having a very similar problem yet I am using a AMD R9 380

R9 380 nitro here, played yesterday without problems.

It’s just the regular R9 380 4gb that I am using and I came even play for 2 minutes without it crashing and putting my monitor to sleep forcing me to do a forced restart. This has been happening since the most recent update

I had a similar problem and I use the AMD R9 380, but was able to fix it by doing these steps below.

Launch Steam
Click on Library.
Right click on Rust and then go to Properties.
Click on Local Files tab.
Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

Launch game and only run in Direct x 9 (Direct x 11 is bugged)

This s a temporary fix until facepunch fixes what they did in the last patch.

I have already verified the integrity and DX9 looks like shit so I think I wil just have to take a break until Facepunch fixes whatever it is that they have fucked up. TBH I am getting use to FP fucking up the game, it seems to be a by-weekly event that the screw something up. Get it fixed HELk!

im using r9 380 too and crashes a lot