Rust Map - Basic Guide

Ok so i have decided to use the Rust Map Marks website and come up with a map of Rust with a basic survival guide to it!

I have played the game for around 5-6 months, since early alpha! These are mearly my opinions on where things are.
The landmark names are simply names that me and my group, and a lot of old rust players use, please feel free to remember them as your own names or adapt to the names given!

This is simply here to help you guys understand the map better.

If you rate dumb i wouldn’t mind knowing why…

Here is the map i haved created, if you take to it well i will put more time and detail into it:

Great idea for people who are just starting out, only issue is that the map is only useful if you know where YOU are… which tends to be the problem with new players who don’t know the map. xD

That is true! I wil over time put in spawn areas, also they can kind of look for icons once they spawn and maybe match things on the map, ive given a brief description in the notes on what each area looks like.

Any plans on adding a grid overlay?

Unfortunately the website only allows me to place markers, if the website allows grid overlays i will put one on!