Rust Map Maker Competition

Calling all map makers! I’m happy to announce Rust’s first custom map maker competition. We’re looking for one standout map which we’ll run across multiple Facepunch servers. We want to see everyone’s best works, this competition will hopefully encourage new and old mappers to present more diverse, unique custom maps and help the custom mapping community grow.

Prize pool


  • Submitted map ran on multiple Facepunch small official servers for the duration of 2 months.
  • Map showcased in the community blog
  • £90 worth of skins
  • 3 items of Rust merch Rust Sunburn, instruments and upcoming DLC keys
  • Bragging rights

Runner up

  • Map showcased in the community blog
  • £50 worth of skins
  • 2 items of Rust merch
  • Rust Sunburn, instruments and upcoming DLC keys


  • Worldsize 3200-3700 limit
  • No third-party plugins/mods (No Oxide/uMod)
  • One entry per person / team
  • Closing date for submission - July 14th 2021
  • The map must be original and not have been released publicly prior
  • Maps with poor performing areas (low FPS) will be rejected
  • Maps must be in keeping with Rust’s theme, progression and balance. Example:
  1. Must use keycard progression
  2. No fantasy-style maps, floating rocks/islands
  3. No gravity-defying constructions


  • Submissions will be judged based on the following:
  • Creativity
  • Balance
  • Fun
  • Polish
  • Detail/design

Judging will be performed by Facepunch Staff.

How To Submit
Submission link: Once the maps have been submitted, they will be reviewed for quality, no feedback will be given until the winner is announced. The winning entry may be requested to make additional changes prior to launch. The winner and runner up will be announced in July’s community blog.

This competition is run by Facepunch Studios Ltd at Concept House, Elmore Green Road, Bloxwich, Walsall, UK. The competition ends on July 14th 2021. One entry per person / team. The winner and runners-up will be selected based on which map Facepunch thinks is the most original/creative and any decisions Facepunch makes will be final. The winner and runner up must claim their prizes within one month of the closing date (which Facepunch may exchange for an alternative of the same or greater value). Our modding guidelines apply to any map/content you make for the competition: Legal - Facepunch.

Learn More
Get involved! If you’re new to the Rust map-making scene and wanting to get involved please check out the following resources:


Hi Alistair, great news indeed but just thinking that maybe linking to another great resource for custom map makers is codefling here is a discord link thanks again and looking forward to submitting a map :slight_smile:


Hi, I want to know how you can make an entrance to a location using key-cards without using the rusty RustEdit.dll add-on?

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simple you can’t unfortunately

And why then it was written about the locations on the cards, I can create anything, but without this addition it will not work, and yes, why the mysticism was banned, I have such beautiful frogs)

Is this a contest to find a harmony developer or to actually make a map?

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How are we supposed to learn Harmony in 4 weeks when we never have heard anything about it.

Could probably avoid harmony all together if you just remove hosting it on official servers from the contest itself, by saying we can’t use oxide/umod to run rust edit’s dll, is literally ousting 99% of the community. Seems like a very fixed competition, without being completely thought out in terms of the entire community.

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Good luck everyone! <3

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Love how this question (a very valid and realistic concern) is looking out for the whole community, when this contest is requiring people to write Harmony Hooks and complete Facepunche’s ModLoader in order to have functioning custom IO Puzzles (As required) because we can’t use the single DLL that the entire community uses for that exact purpose… and you have the gual to call this a “mapping” contest. Well I as a mapper have lost respect for Facepunch on this one. Alienating tons of mappers to make them finish your work? I just wanted to make a map, now I’m building DLL’s because of a bullshit rule.
Good luck to the 20 people who have Harmony hooking up their IO for them. Everyone else, enjoy showing your crayon drawing to Facepunch.

I agree to what Ender said (not the part saying lost respect from facepunch). The rules say that the maps must use keycard progression, but we don’t even have the tools to make that without oxide with rustedit, same for bradley spawn, cargoship…

The competition loose it’s charm if we are so limited that maps have to use basic facepunch monuments, that wont be that much custom then, because most mappers usualy do custom monuments with their own keycard system. That’s why we do custom maps, to give people something different to play on. But according to the rules and the current SDK with missing required tools, we cannot provide you the best custom maps experience that i think players want.

And this is very sad because i’ve been waiting for years for this moment were custom maps will be finaly on official servers.

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Looking forward to the rust mapping contest, may or may not enter but excited to see what people come up with. I understand face punch’s decision to not allow oxide ( Personally I think this may be a good step in the long run ) If it encourages harmony or some integrated sdk in the rust unity for IO and the like for mappers if ever possible. Being reliant on a third party is concerning not that I don’t use it; more out of necessity than anything more, as an invisible hand brings variables out of ones control and wipe schedules not consistent with vanillas.

From face-punch’s perspective it is entirely understandable it will be hosted on their official vanilla servers.

Good luck everyone.

Where is the community on this?

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I’m interested but how can we use keycards without Oxide and RustEdit DLL?

Anyone interested in buying dll that hooks up electricity, makes cargoship paths, etc?

hey _senyaa how much ?