Rust Map Overlay


I coded a little programm that lets you display a map over your Rust Window. It’s open source, source is included in the download zip.


Rust Map Overlay is a little programm that lets you display a map over your Rust window. You can zoom in and out and navigate through the map.

Quick Setup:

1. Add a Map ([]( to the folder and change the map name to your added map name in the settings.ini Example: Map=MyMap.png
2. Start RustMapOverlay.exe (it is also possible to start Rust Map Overlay when Rust is already running)
3. Start Rust in Window Mode
4. You can now display your map with M (Default Key)


Tested under:

Windows 7 64 Bit

Does this inject itself into Rust?

Because if so, you’re risking causing VAC bans.

No it doesn’t. It just looks for the Rust window and puts it in the foreground when you switch back to Rust.
The map is a separate window without titlebar and transparancy.

from what I can see in the source, nope!! nothing … i’s just a separate window popping up!! Prob, hence why u have to play in window mode to make it work…


you can edit the transparancy

This probably uses the new aero hooks, this would not work in versions older than vista i think.


It doesn’t use any hooks.

It sets the map window to a layered window and uses this function to set the transparancy

If you use an older version than windows 2000 you probably don’t play Rust :slight_smile:

But it would be nice to know on which windows you are running it, though.

After about an hour or 2 in game I did not feel the need for a map. First i was begging for one but after i explored for a bit, the need for a map was no more.

does it show where you are? :smiley:

No it doesn’t. Would love to implement that but I dont have an idea on how to get coordinates.

I think that would be hacking lol

Can someone give me a tip on how to find myself then? :smiley:

Terrain association bro.

find the road walk down it til you find a town then look on the map for the town and remember the way the road went like did it turn right or left etc. give it a couple hours using this method then you wont need it anymore

Can you get banned for using it ? :confused:

Basically it uses the same function a borderless window game does: Cannot minimize, forced on top, sets itself in a window, removes window borders.

Additionally it uses Aero transparency.

Nothing bannable, but not allowed in a competitive setting.

I don’t think so but i can’t guarantee it. So use it at your own risk.

Not to diminish the OP’s excellent work but, if you know the physical terrain and are familiar with the landmarks can’t you just use a printed out map and not worry about running someone else’s application?

While I don’t support the idea of in-game maps (as they are intentionally omitted by design), this is nothing more than the site brought up on your screen. You could effectively just alt+tab to your browser and have the same effect - or play with a dual monitor setup and have it on the other screen.

Like others have pointed out; given enough time, you’ll commit everything to memory anyway.

So long as nobody releases a map that can show/track your location like a traditional in-game map function, there’s nothing really ‘wrong’ with what the OP has released.

Personally, I’ll continue to tab to my browser if I need a map.