Will there ever be Map system in rust?

Hopfully not, use land marks to find your way around. It’s better that way,


Atleast a craftable compass.

There already is a map, It’s based on realism meaning it will not show your location, you will need to find out with the geographic pinpoints around you.
Best map our right now!

this will get increasingly difficult with more and bigger maps

I dont like this map because its lying down. The original map is turned. this one is on its side so north looks like west

This map is awful because it’s rotated sideways so the cardinal directions are wrong, and it doesn’t even cover the whole playable area (resource spawning).

Pat said last night, while testing stuff on the US server, that they have plans on making some sort of in-game map. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

The progressive map was a good idea, so basically you have to discover to “draw” that part in your map. (with charcoal and paper obvs)

I’d honestly really like them to not implant a map. I find it so cool to have to find your way every time with landmarks, it’s an extra challenge that fits very well the genre of the game. Even tho you get used to the map quickly, it will be a whole different story if they ever enlarge the resources spawn to the 16x16 area.

I think it would be great for us to have the ability to craft a GPS. Make it rather difficult to do so, and make it run on batteries.

This would be great for those who really want to explore, especially once a bigger map is introduced.

GPS would ruin the immersion (in my opinion), meanwhile a compass would do just fine.

This is the best.

Just take the white mountain call it north and there you go.

Naw i rather, use the map i suggested so i can give exact grid locations… And for you who can’t disifer the north and south because of the map being tilted, Sun rises in the east and sets in the west disifer that.

Maps are supposed to set up in a cardinal direction format, that’s why you never see an upside down or sideways map of the Earth.

You don’t?

Can anyone confirm that the whole map isn’t being utilized at this current state? If I go all the way to the right, will there be any animals/wood piles/stone, etc?

only the left side of the map is being used currently

So I can head all the way left? I think I tried that once. After a while there wasn’t anything to survive on.